Our patent pending Hair Pin

Our patent pending hair pins were inspired by vintage motor cycle “Springer Front Ends.” We felt the hair pin is one of the most overlooked suspension component and could be greatly improved upon. So, we set out to design a hair pin that is right at home on the most tradional rod and the most modern build.  

Since our design was inspired by the “Springer Front End” it is as if Harley Earl thought your car should be as cool as his timeless scooters.

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Our hair pins are carved out of a solid block of billet steel while maintaining the look of a forged piece for that vintage feel.

This process allows us to tailor our hair pins to your rides. We have industry standard lengths, and the option to customize lengths to your needs.

We also have the option of 5/8 x 18 or 11/16 x 18 threads so you can have the choice of rod ends or bell joints to locate them to your frame.

Why Do I Need This hair pin?



Yokes are machined from a solid block of steel.



No other hair pin on the market has this forged look.



Your neighbor doesn’t have them…With these hair pins your car will not have the same components as the car next to you at your next show, rally or cruise.



No welds to break. It is made from a solid block of billet steel. A 7/8 x .156 wall DOM tube for strength and durability.


Vintage look

The design is modeled from early “Springer Front Ends”.


timeless design

We feel that this combination of I-beam and tube construction goes well with any tube or I-beam style front axle.

Let's Get Started

A few things need to be decided before you give us a call…

  • Do you prefer ball joints, rod ends or herings for the front end of your hair pin?
  • Do you need standard length hair pins or custom sizes?
  • Do you want to have a car that stands out in everyone’s mind?

We don’t just build hair pins. We also provide custom bikes, custom hot rods and custom sheet metal work!


Patent Pending Design ONLY available at Rapid Hot Rods.
What year of hot rod does this hair pin work on?

Our hair pin will be commonly found on racing cars from 1923 – 1934. Not to say this is the only date range they fit on. We encourage photos and stories from our valued customers that defy this sterotype.

Why do I need this hair pin?

Strength, Beauty, Originality, Dependability, Vintage Look and Timeless Design.

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Our hair pins are carved out of a solid block of billet steel while maintaining the look of a forged piece for that vintage feel.

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