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Why Choose Rapid Hot Rods?

Patent pending hair pins

Custom Hot Rods

Custom Bikes

Custom Sheet metal & BomBer Seats

Our Patent pending Hair Pins

Our patent pending hair pins were inspired by vintage motor cycle “Springer Front Ends.” We felt like the hair pin is one of the most over looled suspension component and could be greatly improved upon. So, we set out to design a hair pin that is right at home on the most traditional rod and the most modern build at the same time. Since our design was inspired by the “Springer Front End,” it’s as if Harley Earl thought your car should be as cool as his timeless scooters.

The Work We Do

We strive to give our customers the best value for their money. We are experts in the field of fabrication, restoration, welding and coatings. We pride ourselves with the high priority set on continued education to better our products and increase efficiency for our customers.



We can fabricate virtually anything in many different mediums – steel, aluminum, stainless, plastics and more.


Chassis Work

We build award-winning chassis that work. They are designed to provide the customer with a safe, reliable foundation that creates the style of their vehicle.


Sheet Metal

We are equipped with the tools that most other shops only dream about. We are also committed to honing our skills and staying up-to-date with current processes and materials.


Bomber Seats

We have been building bomber seats for over a decade and have them in several award-winning cars.


Turn Key Hot Rods

We pride ourselves in building cars that have the “whole package” – reliable, safe, fast and a joy to cruise.

  • Get Custom Road Ready hot rods
  • Build a bike to your specifications
  • hair pins that work
  • ingenuity
  • quality

After driving my car…every minute and every dollar spent has all been more than worth it.

This car isn’t just a fancy paint job or a big engine…it is the WHOLE package. It rides, drives and handles like a new car.

Thank you for making my dream car a reality. There is nothing better than being on the road in this car.

Get Your Hair Pin

Our hair pins are carved out of a solid block of billet steel while maintaining the look of a forged piece for that vintage feel.

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Our services encompass a wide range of mechanical and artistic ingenuity. We can restore a ride to like new condition, or design and build the wildest custom creation that can be dreamed up.

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